How to ACTUALLY get free stuff from Amazon (yes, really)

How to ACTUALLY get free stuff from Amazon (yes, really)

Hi, friends! If you just want to see the list of Amazon freebie sites, scroll down.

It’s estimated that around 200 million people shop on each year in the US. This means Amazon holds a whopping 49% of the e-commerce market, giving way to unsavory tactics to boost listings by dishonest sellers.

With online shopping becoming increasingly popular in recent years and even becoming necessary for many Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon has seen a rise in fake or incentivized reviews.

So, how do you know if you’re reading a fake review? 

Well, they’re not always easy to spot. Some are, usually because they’re only a few words long or their 5-star rating contradicts their comments about the product being terrible.

Other reviews though can be a bit trickier. Some of the sites I’m about to show you enforce a “minimum word count” policy so you must write a review with at least a certain number of words. Some even have a minimum star-rating policy, where you must rate the item at least 4 or 5 stars.

Who’s paying for reviews?

A lot of Amazon sellers, actually! When a seller lists a product on Amazon for the first time, the listing is brand new. This doesn’t look good to Amazon’s search algorithm because the listing has zero views and zero sales. The listing probably won’t show up very prevalently in search results. 

Amazon sellers don’t like this though and want to boost their position in the search results and get sales as quickly as possible. 

So, this is where incentivized reviews come in. By paying ordinary shoppers to write an (often 5-star) review, sellers get views, reviews, and sales all in one go. 

How does it work?

Typically, incentivized review programs work like this:

1. Apply or show interest in the product.

Once you’ve scrolled through and picked what you like, you’ll apply for the product via an automated system, or reach out to the product’s seller through the site’s messaging system or email.

2. Buy the product.

You’ll be given a link to the product’s Amazon listing and you can now go ahead and buy the product. Yes, I know I said the products are free but don’t worry, wait for step 4.

3. Review the product.

Write a product review and submit it on Amazon. I always recommend leaving a completely honest review. However, some sellers specify requirements for the review, such as a minimum of 200 words or a rating of 5 stars.

4. Get a 100% rebate.

The seller will send your rebate via PayPal. You’ll receive what you paid on Amazon, minus sales tax.

Isn’t this against Amazon’s terms and conditions?

I mean, no, but it’s kind of a gray area. 

These sites usually don’t require a 5-star review as this could be untruthful, and sellers giving away free products in exchange for misleading reviews is against Amazon’s terms of service!

But you’re free to write an honest review and I would encourage that to help other potential buyers on Amazon. Just because we got something for free, we shouldn’t lie and persuade someone else to buy it if it’s not worth it.

Amazon Freebie Sites (Updated Jan 2021)

Hundsonvine has a quick and easy sign-up process and once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to their catalog of 1000+ products across multiple categories. 

Simply click on a product you like and you’ll be shown the Amazon purchase price (this is the price you’ll purchase the product for on and the product amount after rebate (FREE!).

Apply for the product by clicking the big purple button. There isn’t really an application process – you’ll be approved instantly. 

Next, just buy the product on Amazon and submit your order ID. 

When the product arrives, wait a couple of days, then write your review. 

Reviews aren’t processed instantly on Amazon. You’ll need to wait a couple of days before you get an email confirming your review is live on the site. 

In the email, there will be a link to your review. Copy and paste that link into the form on Hundsonvine. And don’t forget to enter your PayPal email too!

That’s it! You’ll receive your rebate via PayPal within 48 hours!

Cashbackbase is similar to Hundsonvine as it offers Amazon products at 100% discount, but also a few that are only partially discounted, so in turn, you’ll only receive a partial rebate. 

Cashbackbase has a slightly wider product range than Hundsonvine but the product application process isn’t as efficient. 

A points-based system is in place where you use points to apply for products. You can earn points in multiple ways:

  • Daily Check-In – simply log into the Cashbackbase website, click “Check-in” and 30 points will be credited to your account. 
  • Writing a testimonial – write a minimum of 100 words about Cashbackbase and they’ll give you 500 points. 
  • Purchasing products – when you purchase items, you’ll earn points.
  • Referring friends – Every friend you refer will net you 2000 points! This is a great way to increase your points balance quickly!

The value of the item determines how many points you’ll need to apply for it. If you have more points, you can apply for higher-value products. 

Unfortunately, when you apply for a product on Cashbackbase, you’ll have to wait for the seller to manually approve you. This wait can be anywhere from 5 minutes to over 24 hours. I guess it just depends on how often the seller checks their emails. 

A nice feature that Hundsonvine doesn’t have is the ability to message sellers about their products. This can be useful when waiting for an application to be approved or if you want to message the seller about any other opportunities that might be available. 

The purchase and Cashback process works pretty much the same as Hundsonvine. You’ll receive your refund promptly (in my experience, usually within 24 hours). 

Rebate Key

Another great site to get discounted products and freebies is Rebate Key. There are a little less decent free products but there are plenty of highly discounted home goods, electronics and health products up for grabs!

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