How To Get FREE USPS Shipping Supplies

How To Get FREE USPS Shipping Supplies

If you send stuff via Priority Mail and you’re not using the free packaging available to you, you’re losing more of your hard-earned profit than you need to!

USPS provides a range of Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express branded supplies for free to customers.

These can be picked up at any USPS Post Office branch or you can even order them online from the USPS website.

So, what’s on offer?


USPS has a wide array of boxes available for free to USPS customers.

There is a catch though.

They can only be used to send packages via Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express and are not valid for use with any other USPS service.

But, considering 12 x 12 x 8 boxes currently sell on Uline for 82¢ a piece, getting some branded ones for free from USPS is a great alternative for us penny pinchers!


USPS has envelopes galore!

Big ones, small ones, padded ones, unrippable ones – the post office has them all!

But, just like the boxes, the envelopes can only be used to send mail via specific services.

These services are Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express and Global Express Guaranteed.

There is an assortment of sizes for Priority Mail customers, including flat-rate cardboard and padded envelopes for use in USPS’s “one rate, any weight” program.

Global Express Guaranteed customers are given poly-mailers to use for mail being sent via this service.

More free USPS shipping supplies

It doesn’t stop at boxes and envelopes – USPS still has more free stuff for you!

Packaging tape is also available for free to customers sending packages via Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

Unfortunately, you can only order it online as part of USPS’s Military Care Kit but if you ask for some at the post office, they’ll give you a roll or two.

And if you’re a regular to that post office, they’ll probably give you more if you ask.

Various labels and forms are also available to order online.

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