5 Apps That Pay You For Watching Videos ?

5 Apps That Pay You For Watching Videos ?

If you don’t fancy filling in surveys or completing tasks, there’s an even easier way to make money online.

Believe it or not, there are platforms that will pay you money just to watch videos. And you can do it all from the comfort of your home!

Today we’re taking a look at five of the most popular apps and websites to get paid for watching videos.

1. Loot.tv

Although this website’s video selection is pretty poor, with only cooking and DIY videos to choose from, it’s my favorite on this list.

You can start a video running on Loot.tv and leave it for hours while it automatically plays the next video and collects points.

There are no CAPTCHAs, so it is perfect if you’re looking for a set-and-forget solution.

Each video you watch will net you 2.5 points, worth about a fifth of a penny (0.2 cents). But it does start to add up as the videos are typically only 2 or 3 minutes long and you can leave it running as long as you like!

I would recommend leaving Loot.tv open 24/7 on an old computer or laptop you have, or opening Loot.tv on your computer overnight to rake in those points while you sleep. It’s passive income!

To cash out your points, you’ll need to transfer them to an account on one of Loot.tv’s supported GPT sites. I use Reward XP because I’ve found their payout rate is higher than many other sites.

Head to Reward XP and click on the Loot.tv button. You’ll be asked to sign up to Loot.tv and link your account with Reward XP.

2. Givvy Videos

Only available on Android, Givvy Videos is an app specifically for earning from watching popular YouTube videos.

Tap any video on the home page or search for your own to start watching. Every minute you watch a video, you rack up points. 100,000 points are worth about 10 cents.

And don’t worry, although 100,000 sounds like a lot, you earn at least a thousand points each time you’re rewarded.

You also seem to earn points sometimes even when the app isn’t actively playing a video. So you can make money just by having it open!

The minimum cashout starts at just $0.19 for Payeer, Airtm, and Coinbase payments, $0.69 for Amazon gift cards, and $1.04 for PayPal.

There’s a handy counter in the top left-hand corner next to your points, to let you know how far you are from the cashout minimum.

It took me about 4 hours to reach the 19-cent minimum. This isn’t a great return at $0.05 an hour, but it shows that you can get paid from Givvy Videos rather quickly. I received my Coinbase payment within 5 minutes.

There are a lot of ads in the app, but you have to bear in mind that this is how they can afford to pay you for watching videos.

3. HideoutTV

HideoutTV is similar to Loot.tv, in that you have to transfer your points to a GPT site like Reward XP and the layout is pretty similar. But some major differences set HideoutTV apart from the rest.

HideoutTV rewards you per ad you watch, instead of per video. You may see pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads during your videos, but every time you do, those points will come rolling in.

You’ll receive 2.5 points each time points are awarded. 36 Hideout points are worth approximately 3.2 cents.

Underneath the video, you’ll notice a Rewards button. Click that and you’ll earn a small number of points. You can do this once per day. It’s just a nice extra reward you get for doing basically nothing!

The main downside of HideoutTV is that it displays a CAPTCHA every so often, so you can’t just leave it running 24/7.

Because of this, I would say HideoutTV is best suited to a multiple monitor situation. Ideally, the user would have the site open on a spare monitor so they could glance over at the screen every so often, and hit the CAPTCHA. If you do this, you can keep earning as long as you want.

4. Musio

Brand new from the makers of HideoutTV comes Musio, a music-video-based watch-and-earn site.

It’s pretty much exactly the same as HideoutTV, but specifically for music videos.

Before you get your hopes up, most popular music isn’t on there, unless you’re looking for a cover version.

This site is more geared towards people who want to discover some new music and get rewarded for their time.

The points work just the same as they do on HideoutTV. You’ll make 2.5-5 points each time an ad is played during your video.

You can log in to Musio with your existing HideoutTV account details.

Your earned points will be added to your balance which is synced across both Musio and HideoutTV. So your balance in Musio is the same as your HideoutTV balance.

You can cash out your points from either platform.


TV-TWO is another Android app that pays for watching popular YouTube videos. But it works somewhat differently than the rest of this list.

Instead of earning points that convert to cash, your points convert to crypto – TV-TWO’s very own TTV Ethereum token.

100,000 points equal 100 TTV. 100 TTV is currently worth about $0.18.

You’ll need 100,000 points to reach the cashout minimum and a compatible crypto wallet, like Freewallet.org.

As well as just watching videos, TV-TWO offers the opportunity to boost your points balance even quicker with offerwalls. Complete offers and you’ll earn a number of points to get you to that minimum withdrawal amount as fast as possible.

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