EarnApp – Passive Income with your PC, phone or Raspberry Pi!

EarnApp – Passive Income with your PC, phone or Raspberry Pi!

EarnApp is the latest Honeygain alternative on the block, paying you even more for doing nothing!

There are a few apps like EarnApp and Honeygain, including PacketStream and Peer2Profit, but the newest passive income app pays significantly more.

What is EarnApp?

EarnApp is a desktop and mobile app from web-data company BrightData, that allows you to earn money from your unused internet bandwidth.

Businesses and academic institutions use your internet bandwidth, shared via the EarnApp app, to research publicly available data on the internet for the purpose of financial analyses and other research.

The reason they use a service like EarnApp and not just their own internet connection to research this information is because they can get multiple real-world results from many residential connections.

Getting Started

EarnApp is available on Windows, Android, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. It runs in the background and doesn’t interfere with anything else you’re doing on your device.

Head to the EarnApp website and click “Sign Up with Google”. This is currently the only way to create an account with EarnApp.

Once you’ve signed up and logged in, download and install the EarnApp app for the device you’re using.

You can install EarnApp on as many devices as you like, and alongside other similar apps like Honeygain.

The EarnApp Dashboard is accessible via your browser and is where you can see your balance, your devices and set your payout method.

How much will I earn?

EarnApp pays $0.50 per gigabyte of data (in the United States – this rate varies depending on which country you’re in). 

You’ll automatically be paid your balance via PayPal once it reaches $2.50 or more.

Log in to your EarnApp Dashboard and click the pencil icon next to “Payment method.”

Enter your PayPal email and click “Save.” You’re now all set up!

How much you’ll earn per day depends on how much traffic is flowing through your devices and how many devices you’re using.

You can use devices on different platforms too, so make use of all the phones, PCs, and Raspberry Pis you might have to maximize your earnings.

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