Paid Transcription Work With TranscribeMe

Paid Transcription Work With TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is one of the most well-known transcription sites out there and they hire transcribers from all over the world.

The audio files you will be transcribing can be as little as 6 seconds long. This is because TranscribeMe splits up the long files into shorter segments before adding it to the work queue. This is great if you prefer to work in short bursts rather than transcribing one file for hours at a time.

Files are assigned to each transcriber randomly. You don’t have the opportunity to listen to the file before you accept it like other transcription companies.

They pay $20 per hour of audio you transcribe and payment is made every Tuesday via PayPal. There is a payout threshold of $20 but that’s not too difficult to reach.

Signing Up

Apply to TranscribeMe

Once you’ve completed the registration form, you will be required to take an exam. The exam consists of multiple choice grammar tests and three transcription tests. Their style guide is pretty comprehensive and they have a very specific way of doing things so you really need to read through that before completing the exam.

The exam is automatically graded by their system so remember to double and triple check that you’ve done everything correctly as a small mistake could cause you to fail.

Getting To Work

Once you’ve passed your initial exam, you’re good to go!

You will transcribe the files through their online software so you don’t need to download anything. The TranscribeMe software also supports the use of a foot pedal which can speed up transcription significantly. But there are also handy keyboard shortcuts to play, pause, rewind, slow down and speed up the audio.

The TranscribeMe “Workhub” only supports Google Chrome so you will need to install it on your computer if you haven’t already.

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