Earn FREE BITCOIN by Playing Games with Storm Play

Earn FREE BITCOIN by Playing Games with Storm Play

Apps that earn you cryptocurrency are becoming more and more popular. Storm Play is your basic “Download this game and get $” app but instead of paying you in dollars, they pay in Bitcoin. And they do actually pay.


Just go to Google Play (sorry iPhone users, it’s not available for iOS just yet) and search “Storm Play”

Registration is simple and only takes a minute. You can sign up via email, Facebook or Google.

Completing Tasks

Once registered, you’ll see there are loads of offers you can complete. Most of them require you to download apps but some include completing surveys or trying products.

They’re all pretty easy to do and pay decently.


You’re rewarded in Bolts – Storm Play’s in-app currency. Once you reach at least 187,500 bolts (which is a lot easier to do than it sounds), you can withdraw your earnings to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Three cryptocurrency wallets are currently supported – Bitcoin, Ethereum and STORM (hence the app’s name).

You can easily create a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet through Coinbase. You can then withdraw your Bitcoin or Ethereum to your bank account if you want.

For STORM tokens, you need to create a wallet with Jaxx. This is also easy and Storm Play gives you a 20% bonus when withdrawing STORM so it’s worth it.

It’s easy to withdraw your funds and you’ll receive them within a few days.

This is an easy way for newbies to get started with cryptocurrency and with the rising prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the rest, your coins could one day be worth much, much more than they are today.

Tip: Enter my referral code ‘3Y53IG‘ when you sign up and you’ll receive 6,000 bolts!

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