Earn Free Ethereum With CryptoPop!

Earn Free Ethereum With CryptoPop!

Okay, we’ve written a lot about these cryptocurrency earning games lately but we just keep discovering more and more! In the hot-seat today, CryptoPop.

CryptoPop is another Candy Crush style game, similar to Bitcoin Blast. But instead of earning Bitcoin, you’re earning Ethereum.

As you play, you earn points. Every 10 points is equivalent to 5 Gwei (0.000000005 ETH). Obviously, this isn’t mega money but the Gwei soon adds up!

Claiming your Ethereum

Coinbase Payout for CryptoPop

Once you’ve reached 100 Gwei, you can cash out your Ethereum to your Coinbase account. If you don’t have a Coinbase account, click here to sign up.

You can claim a maximum of 250,000 Gwei (0.00025000 ETH) every 3 days. As I said earlier, this isn’t much money (around 7 United States cents at the time of publishing) but with the price of cryptocurrency going up and up, your 7 cents could become a lot more in the future!


Currently, CryptoPop is only available on Android and Amazon devices – sorry iPhone users.

Click here to download CryptoPop and start earning


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