Honeygain – Make Money With Your Unused Internet

Honeygain – Make Money With Your Unused Internet

If you’re a regular reader of Earn Online, you’ll know that we hunt down money-making opportunities to let you know if they’re worth pursuing.

Today we’re taking a look at Honeygain – the relatively new service that pays you to use your internet connection. And it’s (almost) TOTALLY PASSIVE!

What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is a crowdsourced networking company which uses your internet connection to power tasks from approved businesses. These tasks include SEO monitoring, market research and content delivery.

It does all of this from an app that simply runs in the background on your computer, phone or tablet. Honeygain is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Android.

How do I earn?

At the current payout rate, you earn one credit for every 10MB of data you bring in. One credit equals one US cent ($0.01). Once you earn enough credits to reach the $20 payout minimum (200GB), you can cash out directly to your PayPal account.

I have multiple devices. Can I run Honeygain on all of them?

You can use up to 3 devices on the same IP address at any one time.

Honeygain is available on Android, Windows and Mac devices.

I’ve used Honeygain on Windows and Android devices and there seems to be far more traffic available for Windows than Android. Not to say that you won’t earn if you only use an Android device, but it might take you a little longer.

Of course, you could use both your Android and Windows devices together to increase your earnings.

If you have a phone farm or wish to run Honeygain on more than 3 devices at any one time, you can. But you’ll need multiple IP addresses to connect them to – and remember, you can only have 3 devices connected to one IP.

Is it safe?

Honeygain doesn’t keep unnecessary data on you. They only require information that is necessary to operate its service and pay you – like your IP address, email address and your PayPal email.

I’ve been using Honeygain on-and-off for a few months now and I haven’t had any problems.

How much can I earn?

A screenshot of my Honeygain transaction history.
A screenshot of my Honeygain transaction history. 1 Windows laptop and 1 Android phone.

The amount you can earn depends on a number of factors including your network speed, how many devices you will be using and the country you live in.

Honeygain works anywhere and you can earn money in any country. Some countries, however, may not have as much traffic as others, therefore limiting your earning potential.

In the screenshot above, you can see that I was making between $1.10-$2.34 per day. The rate fluctuates due to network demand and also depends on whether my devices are connected to the internet.

Ultimately, the more devices you have, and the longer they’re on for, the more money you will make. Just remember to stick to the 3 devices per IP limit.

I don’t have unlimited data.

Most users don’t use anywhere near the amount of data that their plan gives them, even if they don’t have unlimited data.

Xfinity, for example, gives you 1024GB (1TB) of data per month, even if you’re not on their unlimited plan.

1TB is a lot of data and if you’re only a one or two person household, you’ll probably won’t use all of it. According to an article by Ars Technica, 1024GB per month would be equal to 13 hours of HD streaming every day.

But if you are worried you might get too close, you can limit the amount of data Honeygain uses in the app settings.

I can’t see Honeygain in the Play Store.

It seems to appear for some people and not for others.

If it’s not there, just download the Honeygain APK from their website. Visit honeygain.com on your Android device, click “Download .APK” and follow the instructions.

Don’t worry, it’s safe.

You may have to enable installation from unknown sources in your settings.

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