Earn FREE Bitcoin by Playing CryptoWord!

Earn FREE Bitcoin by Playing CryptoWord!

Following on from our previous post about Bitcoin Blast, here’s a Word Stacks style game to earn free Bitcoin!

Heads up: Sorry iPhone users, CryptoWord is only available on Android phones.

The Game

If you’ve ever played Word Stacks, you’ll be right at home.

Find words in the letters. The longer the word you find, the more points it’s worth. Each 145+ point word you find, you earn one Satoshi.

Once you reach 100 Satoshi, you can cash out your Bitcoin.


Coinbase CryptoWord Payout

To withdraw your Bitcoin, you’ll need a Coinbase account. If you don’t have a Coinbase account, click here to sign up.

Simply click “Wallet”, enter the email address assigned to your Coinbase account and click “Claim.” That’s it! Your Bitcoin will be with you within 48 hours (although in my experience, it’s arrived almost immediately).

Click Here To Download CryptoWord from Google Play

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gibersa trillz
4 years ago

thanks for this website

Alizabeth Haworth
Alizabeth Haworth
3 years ago

Im excited to find games I actually like

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